What to Ask During A Hearing Consultation

What to Ask During A Hearing Consultation

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When it comes to hearing loss, getting an expert option from a specialist is valuable. If you have noticed that your hearing isn’t as good as it used to be, most likely, you don’t understand the nature of your hearing condition or the things you can do about it. Only a qualified expert can identify the exact reasons you’ve lost your hearing, and that expertise is required to make suggestions on the best solutions.

To get the most out of the meeting, you’ll need to ask some detailed questions during your first appointment with our team to gain a comprehensive understanding of your hearing loss. It can be overwhelming to have a hearing consultation, and it is quite common to forget the problems you had before you came. The following are a few helpful questions to think about during your next appointment. 

What kind of hearing loss do I have?

Understanding what type you have will help you understand the treatment that you need to receive. It will also help you know how your remaining hearing will be protected under the procedure. There are three different kinds of hearing loss.

  • Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when the inner ear or the nerve pathway to the brain is damaged. This form of hearing loss is lifelong but can be treated with hearing aids very effectively.
  • Conductive hearing loss occurs when sound travels poorly into the eardrum via the outer ear canal. This may be due to ear wax blockage, ear infection, allergies, or even a benign tumor. Many times when the obstruction is removed, listening is restored. 
  • Mixed hearing loss is a combination of both.

Is the hearing loss worse in one ear? 

While you may have hearing loss in both ears, you may not have the same degree of hearing loss. One ear will likely have a slightly worse hearing than the other, which may affect the treatment method your hearing professional suggests. 

If you have glasses, the prescription in your eyes is typically slightly different, and your hearing works the same way. Knowing which ear is your “better” ear, and how this affects your hearing ability, is helpful.

Which model hearing aids are best for me?

There are tens and hundreds of different hearing aid models available. Some fit into the ear canal, and others fit behind the ear. The one that works for you depends on your hearing loss needs and the lifestyle you lead. 

At A&A Audiology, we’ll help you select the hearing aid model that’s useful to correct your hearing loss degree and suit your lifestyle. We’ll make sure you’ve set clear, realistic expectations for your hearing loss treatment. Part of your consultation will involve questions about your lifestyle, so we can use this information to help you choose the right model for you.

What are the best hearing aid features?

There is an ever-growing range of technologies available within the field of hearing aids.

Lucky for you, we will be there to provide you with a range of possibilities tailored to your requirements. Nevertheless, you’ll always want to inquire about the options out there, making sure you get a good sense of the combination of functionality and price that fits your needs and budget.

From Bluetooth compatibility to rechargeable batteries, there is a wealth of hearing aid features to consider. 

We hope the above questions will be of help to you as you go for your first consultation. You might also want to get a friend, family member, or loved one ‘s to come with you. If you discuss these questions before the visit with somebody else, they will be able to help you remember all the ones you want to ask when the time comes.

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