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Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Phonak strives to create “a world where everyone enjoys the delight of hearing and lives a life without limitations”. The Phonak philosophy operates under three key values: being passionate, always engaging, and continuously pioneering. Phonak has successfully produced advanced hearing aids for over 60 years and is a driving force for innovation and sets new standards for user-friendly design in the hearing aid industry.

Phonak Lumity

Fully immerse in conversations

Evolution of speech understanding

Lumity has been trained with artificial intelligence-based machine learning to accurately identify and adjust to unique sound environments, so that you can fully immerse in conversations. Enjoy the benefits that this technology brings to you and your loved ones from the very first beginning, as 86% of HCPs believe Lumity hearing aids deliver a great first-fit experience.

Hear more from all directions ǀ Phonak Audéo™ Lumity

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