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Rexton was built on the foundation that exceptional hearing technology should be accessible to all. Our products offer superior speech understanding, durability, and personalization to deliver unprecedented wearing comfort. Our tenured, passionate people are empowered to provide solution-driven service to meet each individual’s needs. That is why Rexton is the smart choice.

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We offer a range of hearing aids to support better hearing for virtually any listener in any environment. Our latest hearing aid technology provides a more relaxed listening experience by enhancing speech in every situation. It includes exciting features like Music Enhancer that delivers a musical listening experience like no other. Additionally, we offer apps and accessories that make controlling your hearing aids easy and inconspicuous.

Stuff Happens. Bicore B-Li Rugged Can Handle It.

Accidents happen, we forget things and we make mistakes. It’s only human. And that’s why BiCore B-Li Rugged is so durable. It’s our toughest hearing aid and can handle all the knocks and spills that can occur in everyday life. It’s rechargeable for convenience and is super compact for a discreet fit behind the ear.

Rexton BiCore R-Li

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