The Benefits of Treating Your Hearing with an Audiologist

The Benefits of Treating Your Hearing with an Audiologist

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So, you are pretty sure you have hearing loss. Your family complains that you struggle to hear them, and you find yourself often pretending to hear in social situations just to avoid having to ask them to repeat themselves again. Today, when it comes to hearing aids, you have options. This includes styles, and features of hearing aids for which support varying needs around hearing. 

Perhaps one of the biggest options available now is the availability of over-the-counter hearing aids. Recently congress put in effect the ability for people to purchase these devices without an audiologist or prescription in a move to make hearing aids more available. However, there are some benefits to seeing an audiologist. 

What Is an Audiologist?

An audiologist has received extensive training in the process of diagnosis and treatment of hearing and balance issues. This allows them to perform comprehensive hearing evaluations for patients of all ages and give recommendations on the best hearing support based on the results of your testing. Audiologists have extensive knowledge and study around addressing hearing and inner ear issues with a master degree and 1,800 hours of clinical training.

In addition, an audiologist will be able to perform individualized fitting of hearing devices, offer follow-up support for devices, monitor hearing health and offer recommendations on other assistive listening devices which will support you and your lifestyle. 

What to Expect from an Audiologist 

When most people think of audiologists, they think of the classic hearing test in which you sit in a soundproof box wearing headphones. This is called the pure-tone audiometry test and requires you to respond to sounds tones and pitches played through each ear in the headphones, to determine the quietest and loudest sounds you can hear. While this helps us understand your hearing threshold, we offer so much more from specialized tests to determine your ability to hear in noise and hear speech in various conditions as well as many other benefits. This includes:

  • Expert consultations for determining the best style, brands, features and more will work best for your specific hearing ability and lifestyle.
  • An interview to determine your family history of hearing, hearing habits, and lifestyle aspirations around hearing.
  • Custom hearing aid fittings
  • A physical examination to scan for abnormalities in the ear such as ear wax impactions, growths, or anything else which could be affecting your hearing ability
  • Customized and non-customized swim plugs just in time for the Summer swimming season
  • State of the art testing for inner ear balance disorders including vertigo

How to Know If You Need an Audiologist

Have people in your life been complaining that you can’t hear? They may feel that you aren’t listening or seem disinterested. If you are tired of constant conflicts in your home, it is time to consider addressing a hearing loss. Now with the ability to pick your own hearing aids online or even at some stores, it may seem that you can skip an audiologist. However, everyone’s hearing loss is just a little different. When you visit an audiologist, comprehensive testing will allow us to determine the specific tones and sounds you struggle to hear. Now, thanks to digital amplification, we can program your hearing aids to amplify only the sounds, tones and pitches that you need to hear. In addition, we are investigative and will ask you questions to determine what features and style of hearing aids may be best supportive for you.

Finding a Solution for Your Hearing Loss?

Is it getting more and more frustrating to socialize, to the point where you feel exhausted even after a small social interaction? Are you tired of pretending to hear what was just said and feeling confused all too often? We know that there are a lot of options when it comes to hearing aids these days—so many that it could come off as overwhelming. The good news is that we are here to help. If you suspect you have a hearing loss, contact us for comprehensive testing and a staff which is here to support your hearing healthcare journey, every step of the way! To find out more contact us now!