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Scottsdale Progress Feature – A&A Audiology takes a finely tuned approach to patients

Dr. T

Whether patients walk in, call in or email A&A Audiology, located along Miller Road just south of Osborn Road in Scottsdale, they are greeted with a warm smile and a calming tone by its operations manager Carla Taghvaei.

Carla says she makes it a point to treat each patient with the same care and respect she would show her loved ones.

“I treat every person like I would if it was my mom calling in,” she said. “I also try to smile through the phone and I smile when they come in and ask hundreds of questions about our services.”

Though Carla’s commitment to providing quality care to her patients has helped A&A Audiology, she says that the brand’s finely tuned approach to finding patients the right hearing aid product has allowed the budding hearing and balance clinic to make a name for itself.

Humble beginnings

In 2019, Carla’s husband Dr. Navid Taghvaei, affectionately known by patients as Dr. T, decided to try a hand at opening his own audiology clinic with the goal of providing the gold standard of hearing healthcare to the community. He did that by starting A&A Audiology, which he named after the Taghvaei’s two children.

Nearly six months after conceiving the concept that would become A&A Audiology, Dr. T received a unique opportunity to begin offering his services on Saturdays out of The Healing Joint Scottsdale Chiropractor. 

The Healing Joint Scottsdale Chiropractor, located next door, is owned by Dr. T’s best friend since their days at Marcos De Niza High School in Tempe, Dr. Rambod Derakhshani.

For a few months, A&A Audiology was open every Saturday in their new partnered space Then came March 2020, which tested A&A Audiology and every other small business around the world.

A growth that couldn’t be quarantined

When stay-at-home orders were issued in March 2020 and businesses were forced to close their doors, Dr. T came up with an idea that piloted his business into new territory.

“He knew there were tons of family members in nursing homes and senior care facilities that needed their ears, devices and hearing checked so (Dr. T)  said ‘I want you to please call every patient that we have in our database and I also want you to call all of the nursing homes within 10 miles of our clinic and tell them that I will come to their home to check on the patients,” Carla recalled.

For the rest of the year, the Taghvaeis did just that. They realized that having an audiologist come to patients’ homes gave A&A Audiology a unique and important opportunity to help the community while providing an opportunity to grow its business.

Becoming bigger

As the world began reopening after the pandemic, A&A Audiology was busy enough to start offering Thursday and then Tuesday and Saturday appointments at The Healing Joint Scottsdale Chiropractic in addition to offering at-home appointments.

And last December, the Taghvaeis learned that the space next door to The Healing Joint Scottsdale Chiropractic was available for lease. Though an unexpected – and some might say risky – decision, Dr. T knew he had to take the opportunity and in February 2023, A&A Audiology moved into Suite 4 while still offering at-home appointments. 

Carla says those days allow A&A Audiology to reach a larger patient base.

“We offer evening appointments and are open on Saturdays while still offering in-home appointments,” Carla said.

Aside from the extended hours, A&A Audiology is unique in that all four of its providers are doctors of audiology which allows it to be credentialed and partnered with major insurance companies. That  allows A&A Audiology to offer those whose insurance offers a hearing aid benefit a chance to use the clinic.  

“A lot of people don’t know that they have a hearing aid benefit through their insurance and that they can use it,” Carla said. “We are credentialed and partnered with most of them so we are able and do our part to help those utilize their hearing aid benefits so that they can get their hearing aids.”

Hearing Aids are not the only thing that A&A Audiology offers either. It also offers custom molds for hearing devices, custom instruments, musician molds, in-ear monitors, hunting and swimming molds along with comprehensive hearing exams. It also provides advice for anyone struggling with hearing loss and those suffering from tinnitus (ringing in the ear).

But no matter a patient’s need, Carla reiterated that the goal of A&A Audiology is to provide the gold standard of hearing healthcare to the community and provide the best service in the market. 

“We’re all about patient care. That’s Dr. T’s biggest thing,” Carla said.

By Alex Gallagher, Progress Staff Writer | Sep 9, 2023 | Scottsdale Progress –